Janette Kenny

Pint(s) of pickled peppers

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to jalepena peppers.

There are just a few meals that won’t benefit from having a pepper (or two) as a condiment. I’d enjoyed Santa Fe Grande peppers for years, but the high salt was beginning to bother me. Not in a raise in blood pressure, but retaining fluid. Ick. Plus, I don’t like really salty foods in excess

So I switched to jalepenas which didn’t seem as salty, and packed more punch. I’m one who has always liked hot spicy foods, a preference inherited from my mom. I don’t care how hot it is–bring it on!

So as my addiction grew, I started trying out the various brands of canned jalepenas. There is a big difference.

About four summers back my mom remarked about liking the canned peppers she’d “put up” far better. So that spring we planted jalepenos and canned them–17 pints that first year.

And oh, my God, they were so much better. Hotter, crisper.

So a tradition began.

With my mom’s passing last November and my hectic schedule, I debated long and hard about planting a small kitchen garden this year. In the end I did.

I’ve loved the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, and the jalepenas I’ve harvested. So far I’ve canned 5 pints of peppers and feel damned proud of it.

True country living is just too deep in my soul to ignore. I enjoyed the break from the “business world” to connect with nature, and I’ll sure enjoy the fruits of my labor this winter. 🙂

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