Janette Kenny

Meet Jan

Jan KennyHi! Ciao! Hola!

I’m Janette Kenny, but most of my friends and family call me Jan. Well, most of the time. We won’t go into that…

This is my primary home on the web, but you’ll also find me and my books listed on Kensington Publishing and Harlequin websites, and I have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m an only child, which means I’m supposed to be a spoiled brat, but really that can’t be true, right? Right!

Jan’s dream of being a published novelist came true when Kensington Publishing bought her manuscript, One Real Cowboy in 2006. Since then she’s published five more historicals. She’s also moved into contemporary fiction, writing emotionally intense romances for Harlequin Presents.

Fun Facts about Jan

Q) Jan has been a: a) ballerina, b) cowgirl, c) actress.

A) All of the above! Her mom enrolled her in dance classes when she was four, and she continued taking lessons until she was 17. She loved performing on stage!

She became a budding cowgirl at the age of eight when she got her first horse. Competing in horse shows and jumps was so addictive she never wanted it to end, but the real life of getting an education and working full time put a damper on that joy!

After being part of the theater troupe in high school, she signed up for a year performing in the local theater in her hometown. Her favorite role? The mother romanced by the passionate Greek in Barefoot in the Park.

Q) Jan has worked as a: a) aerobics instructor, b) cosmetologist, c) doll maker.

A) All of the above! She taught aerobics at her former dance academy, owned and operated her own beauty salon for a gazillion years, and was talked into opening a craft business on the side for several years.

Q) Jan wants to spend a long leisurely vacation in: a) Ireland, b) Italy, c) Australia.

A) Italy is her first choice, brought on by an instant love of Latin in Junior High that never waned. (Yes, she can still write it.) Ireland and Oz are must do vacations, with Eire calling to her heart.

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