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Latest buzz on Cowboy Come Home…

From BookPages

“Hair-raising adventure and a heart-tugging backstory make this Western romance a pleasure.”

RT Booklovers
“Readers will like the spunky heroine who goes toe to toe with the man she loves.”… Read the rest »

First buzz

BookPages picked up Cowboy Come Home to review. For those who don’t know, this is a pretty big thing. 🙂 Here’s the review tag:

“Hair-raising adventure and a heart-tugging backstory make this Western romance a pleasure.” Read the rest »

Her Best Friend’s Brother

Looking for a good read? Try Kay Stockham’s latest novel. Her Best Friend’s Brother is an RT Top Pick!

How could this have happened?

They had one night. That’s all Shelby Brookes would allow herself to indulge in with Luke Tulane. Yes, he’s gorgeous and yes, he’s the greatest guy she knows, but he’s her best friend’s brother for crying out loud! And she’s pretty sure there are rules against sleeping with friends’ brothers.

Then Shelby discovers she’s pregnant. And Luke’s determined to do the right thing—down to the bended knee proposal and the meeting at the altar. As tempting … Read the rest »

The Secret She Kept by Amy Knupp

Book #3 of the Salinger Sister Trilogy releases Jan 13!


Sometimes secrets have a life of their own.

She never ever thought Jake Barnes would know the truth. When he left town without any warning, Savannah couldn’t tell him she was pregnant. He didn’t give her the chance. So now—years later—because he’s back and finds out he has a child, suddenly she’s the villain…. How is that fair?

Savannah Salinger raised her daughter and she knows what’s best for her own kid. But she can’t seem to push Jake away, and having the infuriating man so close…so close to her…stirs … Read the rest »

The Devil’s Daughter by Laura Drewry

Check out Laura Drewry’s latest–

The Devil’s Daughter is on the shelves!

Fire and brimstone she can manage;
Falling in love’s a whole “Ëśnother story. . .

The Devil’s Daughter will do whatever it takes to win her freedom, even if it means claiming the soul of sexy Jed Caine.

There’s no question he wants her, but he wants more than just her body; he wants her heart, too, and he’ll settle for nothing less. His stubborn ways and gentle touches are too much— even for the devil’s own daughter. She was sent to steal his soul, yet there he … Read the rest »

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