Janette Kenny

Where’d the month go?

I can’t believe the end of the month is nearly here, and I’ve neglected my blog. Bad Jan!

In my own defense, I spend a bulk of the time ushering my mom to and from doctors offices. Her health is the pits, and unfortunately she hasn’t received any treatment that helps what ails her. In fact, most of the problems can’t be “cured”, so it’s a matter of learning to endure.

On one bright note, I have made great headway the past two days on the world building of my para. I’d gotten to the part where headbanging sounded like a good idea, but I figured out how to take the plot to a deeper level. Always a good thing.

Oh, and I’ve done a lot of gardening. My flowers are looking good, and my lettuce is ready to eat. Yum. Now if the rest of the produce does half as good…

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