Janette Kenny

May came in like a runaway train

March came in like a lion and out like a lamb, giving us the best early temperatures we’ve had in ages. We had nice April showers this spring but it turned butt cold. Them came May.

April showers bring May flowers. Yeah, well, our April showers brought in a torrent of ugly weather. It was bizarre to get 4+ inches of rain daily for nearly a week. While we escaped major damage, getting just a bit of water in the basement, others were flooded out.

In fact, Kansas has gotten slapped badly by storms so far. The town of Greensberg was wiped out by an F5 tornado. I feel so badly for those people who lost everything they owned, and some lost their lives.

I got the grass mowed and my small patio garden in just before hell hit. Things are leveling out, but there’s that “stink” in the air that comes after heavy rains/flooding. Can’t be good, and it’s certainly not pleasant to sit on the patio and breathe in that mold.

So I’m still inside at the computer, pounding out a synopsis that doesn’t want to be written. Ugh, there’s got to be an easier way.

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