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It used to be that authors would have book signings, and I recall standing in line to get an autograph. But more often than not, the author was sitting at a table with her books around her, waiting for a reader to step forward and engage in conversation. (Asking where the bathroom is doesn’t count!)

I know that authors sold anywhere from zero to a hundred books. Big spread.

I remember authors showing up for their signing–often driving a good distance to get there on time–only to discover that the store didn’t receive their shipment of books.

I remember some authors offered candy or cookies. Kids loved this, though there were usually frowns from the bookstore owners.

I remember thinking how excited and nervous I’d feel when I had my first signing.


Signings are pretty much a thing of the past. Yes, there are still some locations that welcome an author for a signing. The majority of the larger bookstores host events.

These can range from one name author doing a talk and the store selling tickets to the event, to several authors signing their latest books. The store often promotes heavy for either and the authors have a good chance of selling quite a few titles.

Since I’m a newbie author, I won’t be hosting any singular events. Instead, I’m doing a joint signing with Amy Knupp at Borders in KC (details on my home page), and hope to have at least one signing in my home town.

Hopefully, somebody will show up and buy books. 🙂

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