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Chat with Hilary Sares, Kensington Publishing editor

It’s my pleasure to welcome Kensington editor Hilary Sares to Writeminded. Hilary is my editor and she made my dream come true. I can vouch that her advice is golden (and timely).

Got talent? Great. Work it to the max but don’t forget that determination and patience count just as much in the long run. Once you’ve sold and the long wait to see your work in print is over—yay!—it may seem that fame and fortune are just over the horizon. Um, no (except in a few rare instances). So let’s say you took two years to write that … Read the rest »

Chat with NY Times bestselling author Kat Martin

Enjoy my interview with Kat that was originally posted on Writeminded.

Jan: I’ve heard more than once how easy it was to “break in” to the romance genre back in the 80s. What difficulties did you encounter getting your first novel, Magnificent Passage, published in 1988? And what stumbling blocks have you’ve encountered since in your writing career?

Kat: I find that so funny! When I started everyone was saying how easy it was to “break in” in the 70’s! The truth is, Magnificent Passage, my first book, was turned down by every publisher in NYC. Then Crown publishing … Read the rest »

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