Janette Kenny

Why write?

At our last romance chapter meeting, one of our members asked the authors at large why we wrote. It’s a good question and one I’ve been asked many times.

I’ve tried to come up with something profound or at least tangible that you can touch and feel. But like the craft itself, writing is many times organic. We do it because there’s something inside us driving us to tell a story.

Many writers are like me. They simply can’t divorce themselves from writing. It is as essential as breathing.

For years and years I wrote fan fiction, often in my head. I was able to rewrite movies and books the way I wanted them to be bd debt that creative energy within me.

The creative bug or writing fever had not fully unfolded from its coccoon. But once it did, I couldn’t not write.

It something I must do to feel good, even though it is often emotionally and physically draining. My emotions are often tightly woven with that character’s and it does take some unwind time to separate from that world.

But writing is my avocation and my addiction. I love it. I have to write. Otherwise, the characters that spring to life in my imagination would drive me crazy. 🙂

I wasn’t surprised that the majority of the authors had the same or very similar reasons for writing. Yes, being paid for doing something you love and must do to satisfy that inner urge in a writer is nice. Would I write if I didn’t get paid?

Yes. Maybe not as often or as feverishly, but I would still write.

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