Janette Kenny

SUVs on ice

Last year we had a horrifically cold and snowpacked winter. We lucked out this year and have had moderate temps and just a dusting of snow.

Until this last weekend.

The snow wasn’t deep — only 7.5″ of the white stuff. But the below freezing temps are brutal.

It really hurts more when you’ve had mild weather, and then get slapped with this cold icy stuff.

Monday was the worst. I made it to work — left home early arrived late due to the driving conditions. Coming home that late afternoon, I did fine until I was a little over a mile from my house.

I hit a patch of ice and nearly lost it when I pulled out of a side street onto a major road that should have been better cleared. I hit a patch of ice and came dangerously close to doing a 180 in the middle of a four lane.

Somehow I did the steering thing — go left, go right, go left until the car righted itself and was going straight. I was very lucky I didn’t end up off road or hit by a double lane of cars coming up too fast behind me.

Took about 30 minutes for my legs and arms to stop shaking!

Ok, enough winter. Spring, please come soon!!!!

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