Janette Kenny

This Old House …

needs a plumber.

I suffered through another plumbing near-disaster this morning with a spray faucet that wouldn’t shut off. It put me in an interesting dilemna as I was in the basement and the shut off is upstairs in the laundry room. The shuts off on this particular sink were frozen in open, and of course my pliers were in my toolbox — yep, upstairs.

No way could I let the hose go and dash up the stairs without flooding the place. (I also had Sam underfoot, uber curious over all the water.)


Thankfully my benchpress was close and I could just reach the weight discs. I pinned the hose down with them so the water would at least go down the drain instead of hosing down the ceiling, walls, furniture.

And then I made the mad dash upstairs to turn off the water supply.

This was not the way to start a Saturday.

After drying myself and my hair, I headed to the hardware store. Forty dollars later I had what was needed to either 1) fix the water problem or 2) create one helluva mess.

The luck of the Irish was with me, and ninety minutes and several skinned knuckles later, I had new washers in the faucett.

And the day ended great too, for I met friends for dinner. Amazing how good food, margaritas and laughs can lift the spirits. 🙂

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