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I put up my Christmas tree. Not one decoration on it, but the tree is up. It’s a new one, so it was easier to put it up now rather than stow it and fetch it later when the mood struck. ‘Cause I’m thinking the mood ain’t gonna strike real hard.

Now, I bought this skinny tree so I wouldn’t have to move furniture around. The tree fit perfectly where I wanted it to go at the end of the hearth, in front of the French doors. (Should that be door, since the tree is in front of just one of them?)

However the branches snagged on the curtain and I worried the heat from the lights could start a fire. This is the curtain I’ve meant to take down and replace with vertical blinds forever. Yes, I have the blinds.

I haven’t done it before now because. Because is a perfectly good reason. 🙂

*big sigh*

Now I have a better reason. So I took down the curtain and put up the vertical blinds. And it wasn’t a big job at all.

Hauling the big honking wreath up from the basement and hanging it outside was a job. Every year I ask myself why did I make such a huge grapevine wreath. (We’re talking 4.5′ circumference.)

I’m not much over 5’ so this is a challenge. Yes, vertical challenage and go on and laugh.

Anyway after the wreath is up and I test the lights, I know why I made it this size. It’s perfect at the end of the porch facing the street. And my mom just loved it, so with her affirmation it’s always a go.

Remind my back of this in the morning. 😮

I will admit I could be an all out decorate to the nines at the holidays. I slam on the brakes with it. Do you?

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