Janette Kenny

I’m how far behind?

That was my question to me about a week ago when I realized I’d fallen behind my own schedule. Plug your ears while I scream.

For the record I’ve cranked my timetable down in the draft stage so I have wiggle room later on. Now, knowing this and sticking with my own schedule have been two different things. I’m not a fast starter on stories–I know what I want, what the story needs, but the getting there is sloooow.

I’ve beat myself up trying too hard this time. I was thinking too hard too. I was defeating myself.

Yeah, that sounds stupid, but believe me I can overthink things. Sometimes I just need a kick to get me back on track. Sometimes I just have to sit down, close my eyes and type.

That’s what I did to crank out pages the past week. I typed without editing. And it worked–I’m where I should be with my second Presents right now, and I like what I’ve written.

So one big hurdle down. For now. 🙂

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