Janette Kenny

Friday 13th

I’m either overfeeding Sam, or he’s eating stuff he shouldn’t while I’m at work, or he’s caught some puppy virus stuff. Actually it’s probably a combination of all of them.

Sam got me up early with that urgent whine that dog owners just now means “I gotta dump a load now.” So we avert a disaster and Sam rushes outside to do his business.

Cool. I drink a cup of coffee and sorta watch the morning news so my brain will begin to function before 6:00 am, then I take a shower after the danger of drowning myself llike a turkey in a rainstorm has passed.

So I’m now dressed for work with semi wet hair, and I let Sam back in so I can feed him. He’s not his usual bouncing off the walls self, but we had a crappy stormy night and I’m attributing his logginess to that.

Me? I was up till midnight proofing a manuscript that I emailed to an editor. More on that later. 🙂

So I fix breakfast and eat it while I do a quick check of email. I smell doggie poop. I don’t get terribly alarmed, because Sam let’s bombers that burn your eyes. He’s a puppy. He sucks in a lot of air running around acting stupid. That air has to go somewhere, lucky me.

But as I head to the kitchen the smell is stronger. And it seems to be following me. This realization hits me the same time Sam stands on his back legs and plants his front paws on my boobs.

Yep, no denying the odour of dog crap is in my face. It’s also on his right paw, and on the rugs, and on my scrubs top.

I have to leave the house in fifteen minutes.

I haven’t brushed my teeth and put on makeup. Not usually a problem. But I now had dog doody on my clothes.

And Sam is making that plaintive “I gotta shit” sound again.


I get Sam outside, then brush my teeth, slap on makeup, and change clothes. As I head toward the door running a minute behind, I see the brownish spots on my rugs. And I still smell dog crap. How did I miss this before?

Somehow I managed to step in the “gift” Sam dropped on the floor.

Changing shoes would’ve been smart, except I got the bright idea to wash my other pair of work shoes last night. So they’re wet.

I have to clean the doggy doo off my shoe.

Right now, I’m now loving Sam so much. Not loving much of nothing because I don’t have time to clean the crap off the rug.

I get to work with a few minutes to spare. Yay, me!

So how did the rest of the day at work go? It was Friday the 13th, and let’s just say I’m glad the work day is over! Well not entirely. I still have a rug to clean.

2 comments to “Friday 13th”

  1. kathy H.
    June 15th, 2008 at 9:06 pm · Link

    Funny Stuff……at least it is now, not at the time it was happening. Dogs & kids, gotta love them!! It was good to see you on Sat. I like my hair. It needed that extra half inch or so cut off. Talk to you soon. A Mexican or some kind of supper is calling us!!! Love, Kathy

  2. Jan
    June 18th, 2008 at 3:55 pm · Link

    Oh, Kathy, I hear a marg calling us, lolol. Let me know what night works for you.

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