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Amy Knupp tagged me to do the 8 random facts about myself. BTW, she KNOWS I’m in the middle of copy edits of One Real Man. Gee, if she wasn’t such a good friend…

Okay, here’s the list.

1) My mom enrolled me in dance lessons when I was three, and I stuck with it until I graduated from high school. Ever since, when I hear music, I want to buggie.

2) When I was in high school, it was a toss-up what I wanted to be when I grew up (if I ever did). My lit teacher thought I had a talent for writing, though it bugged him that I’d do my daily journal five minutes before class started and turn it in to him. (I still have that journal.) My drama teacher said I had a flare for acting–I even tried regional theater once.

3) I grew up on a farm and thought it was normal to have a cow for a pet. Note: I also had horses, chickens, dogs, and lots of cats.

4) I love to target practice with a gun or bow.

5) My radio is on nearly all the time, usually tuned to a country station.

6) Given the choice, I’d buy a truck instead of a car.

7) I am a shopaholic ,with a particular addiction for shoes and boots.

8) I’d rather be an optomist than be a pessimist. It’s highly possible that’s because my mom is the queen of pessimists.

Ok, back to the copy edits.

One comment to “Tagged!”

  1. LaDonna
    October 7th, 2007 at 9:40 pm · Link

    Jan, love the list! And Edie tagged me, a victim of Amy too. LOL. Maybe at conference one year I’ll see ya dance, till ya can’t dance no more!!!! I love music too.

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