Janette Kenny

Not available

I hate those two words.

Lately I’ve ran into that phrase on several frustrating occasions. One was a pair of shoes I wanted sooo badly pre-conference. They weren’t available in my size, and the clerk actually snickered because I wear a size 5 shoe.

The second instance is the most annoying because its a cluster and it all revolves around the fact I have dial up. I want DSL so badly, but guess what? It’s NOT AVAILABLE in my area.

So I’m seriously considering road runner, if it’s not too costly. We don’t have cable–I’m not a TV person and can’t see forking over money for something I’d rarely watch. The only TV freak in the house is my mom, and she watches the same shows on broadcast TV everyday, including the re-runs. Ad nauseum.

So that’s my rant for the day. What’s yours?

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