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Signing #1 update

Well, I survived my first signing at Borders. They had two tables set up for Amy Knupp and I, with about 8 or 10 each of our books displayed on the tables.

The manager came by to welcome us, and let us know there was a problem. He had a good supply of our books set aside for the signing, but an employee mistakenly returned them to the distributor. So the manager had to scramble around town to find the few copies displayed.

Thankfully we came prepared with extra copies, as we’d heard similar horror stories. In fact I’ve heard so many more exact same tales of late that I’m a tad suspicious now. Are there really that many clueless employees? 🙂

At any rate, we sold out the copies on hand plus about 15 more (for me), Amy may have sold more.

It was great fun to share this experience with my friend and CP. Who knows if we’ll have books releasing at the same time again, or if bookstores will still be hosting booksignings. They are getting to be a rare thing.

I posted a couple of pictures on my website of the event.

Oh, Kalen Hughes at History Hoydens posted a interview of me. Come by and say hi!

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