Janette Kenny

I’ve been tagged!

Friend Liz Kreger tagged me to list ten weird facts about myself. So here goes. 😀

1) 99.999% of the time I can’t pronounce abominable (as is the snowman/Yeti)

2) I eat jalapeno peppers with nearly every meal, and despite my grandmother’s prediction, I haven’t burned out my stomach or set fire to the toilet paper.

3) For a good chunk of my young life, I preferred being around horses rather than people.

4) The radio is almost always on.

5) I love talking with a British accent, partly because I’m a ham and acting is a natural, and partly because my grandmother (the other one) was from Wales and her unique accent impressed me at a young age.

6) Bagpipes at a funeral bring me to tears.

7) Going backward fast makes me hurl.

8) I’m a sucker for gadgets.

9) Socks annoy me, so I rarely wear them unless it’s cold or I’m wearing boots.

10) I’d rather drive a truck than a car.

Ok, that’s my list. I’m tagging Michelle Willingham and Larissa Ione. 😈

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