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Back to reality

I’m back from the conference–tired but enthused about this publishing business I love. Pre con I’d been inundated with the downside of the book industry: death of chicklit, tight market getting tighter in general, branding of authors, blurring of lines. Scuttlebutt ran high with midlist authors being dropped, editors switching housing or hanging out an agency shingle, agents firing authors or shutting their doors to all but referred clients.

It’s enough to drive a person to drink.

All the Pens and Needles business cards I left in the goodie room vanished the first day, so if you are interested in joining the discussion group but didn’t get a card, just send a blank email to pensandneedles-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

We handed out over 200 Writeminded magnets, and I gave away a lot of my business cards as well. Check the Writeminded blog often as we’ll be giving away a lot of books and goodies.

Though there is truth that this business is a fickle bitch, it’s by no means dead or open to only the chosen few. All the genres are alive and well, though some have seriously reduced numbers. But other sub genres have increased in number, and there are always the blended genres to blaze new trails. Find a nitch that works for you and run with it.

I went in to this conference not truly knowing what to expect. Though good friend Karin had assured me I’d love my editor, I admit to being nervous. I met Hilary Sares at the Kensington breakfast–sat across from her in fact. As usual Karin was right, but don’t tell her. 🙂

My agent has a wicked laugh that I love. It’s no secret that Miriam Kriss is savvy about this industry. I appreciated her insight on my proposal, and blushed at her compliments on my soon to be published western historical.

For the most part the conference attendees were friendly. The Marriott Marquis staff was terrific and oozed with southern hospitality. The food was too good.

It was fun and exhausting and so informative. I feel renewed, and once my batteries recharge I’ll tackle the rewrites.

Until next time…

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