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I cut my teeth on mysteries, so when I switched gears to write contemporary novels, blending mystery/suspense with romance felt right. I love reading the romantic suspense genre and have two novels written. As I delved deeply into the third manuscript, two completely different characters came barging into my head and set up camp.

Well, it was more of a war zone with these two. They’d had a passing affair and their worlds had collided again, only this time it was over a dead body.

I promised I’d get to them next. No dice. They wanted their story told. Now.

So I set my RS with the sexy Irish cop and FBI agent with a secret aside and started the new story, thinking if I got a partial (three chapters) done, these other two characters would shut the hell up.

Well when I hit chapter three there was no looking back. The story, the voice, the hold-on-to-your-hat pace kept me pounding the keyboard. Somehow this was all pouring out of me and I felt so good about it. No, good is too mild. I felt passionate about this work.

The genre? Mystery, only this has attitude. Some in the industry call it chick mystery.

I’m nearly done and will be sending out agent queries before long. And I’ll keep you informed of my progress here, as well as my other endeavors in the writing industry.

Thanks for dropping by!

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