Janette Kenny
Captured and Crowned

Prince Kristo Stanrakis had never thrown a royal fit of anger in his life, but he was moments away from doing so just now. He flung his tuxedo jacket on a red brocade Louis XV chaise and ripped open his stark white shirt, sending a row of diamond studs flying. One pinged off an inlaid table before falling to the gold Kirman carpet, while another chinked as it hit a window.

This urgent meeting with the future King, his lawyers and the highest officials was over. Angyra would face change yet again.

His life had just been turned on its … Read the rest »

The Trophy Wife

The crush of beautiful people in this small town on the French Riviera was a treat for the senses, but only one beauty captured Rafael da Souza’s attention. She always had from the first moment he had met her in London.

His desire for her had never waned during the five years they’d been married. Nothing would ever change that.

He knew the exact moment strikingly beautiful supermodel Leila Santiago walked into a room, even if he was already prepared. And he was certainly ready for this reunion, body and soul! even before they had married, they’d mutually agreed to … Read the rest »

Christmas Showdown

Daniel Creed stared at the faded picture on the wanted poster. Two years past he’d taken an oath to uphold the law, but he never could arrest her. Nope, as soon as he’d realized aloof Katherine Rose was the notorious Mary Kaye Dowd, he’d yanked this poster off his wall and hid it.

The high-class madam had been safe in Campaign, but once she left here—

“Why the hell didn’t I stop her?”

Who was he kidding? Even if he hadn’t been on the wrong side of the law himself at one time, and didn’t still have men gunning for … Read the rest »

One Real Cowboy

Cord Tanner crossed the dust-choked street, the jingle bobs on his spurs clanging louder than a dinner bell inside his head. Waking up dead broke and sicker than a bull on green pasture had put him in a real sour mood. Until he figured out how deep a well he’d dug for himself, it wasn’t apt to sweeten none.

He hefted the saddle he was packing, gripped his rifle, and stepped into J. A. Zachary’s law office with a passel of regrets riding his shoulders. The four folks in the room gawked at him.

A glassy-eyed gentleman garbed in a … Read the rest »

One Real Man

Josie wanted to change out of her soiled work clothes and get dinner started. But another three smacks on the door changed her mind. She jerked open the door, but the greeting she was fixing to force out stuck in her throat.

Gil Yancy scowled down at her, filling the doorway with his tense form and her heart with dread. “I should’ve reckoned you’d skedaddled up to the house.”

“I have work to do.”

He thumbed his hat back. “I saw Mrs. Andrews had company, so I held off stopping by until the lady left.”

“That’s right good of you.” … Read the rest »

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